Our vision:

A Paranoid Society


Our access to media, communication tools and information sources is unparalleled; and yet audiences — consumers, clients, citizens or employees — have never been so suspicious and resistant.


have become

Hyper-saturated | Hyper-suspicious | Hyper-resistant


  • Institutional communicators – Governments, leaders, companies, brands and media – breed suspicion.
  • Mistrust has become a variable through which public opinion detects and deciphers hidden agendas and ulterior motivations.
  • Answering with “information overload” only strengthens resistance rather than alleviating it.
  • Conventional communication tools no longer suffice.

Companies must change quickly and continuously: Convincing is a necessary element of change.

  • Convince staff that transforming the organization, its activities or its culture improves everyone’s chances of success.
  • Convince clients that transforming the offer improves their experience.
  • Convince public opinion that the company is acting in line with the expectations and values of society.
  • Convince investors and spheres of influence that the strategy implemented improves performance, profitability and reputation.

Our sense of purpose

Opinion strategy is the driving force of transformation strategy

Simply ramping up the noise and pressure through the use of media and other outdated techniques is no longer enough.

The information and digital revolution has exacerbated the impact of public opinion, both in terms of opportunity and risk. Covert persuasion no longer works.

Negotiating on equal terms is nowadays necessary to convince people. Things must be done differently to deserve their attention.