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Never have we had access to so many tools, media and technologies to communicate, and yet audiences — consumers, clients, citizens or employees — have never been so resistant, demanding and suspicious. For us, this is a paranoid society in which attention, rather than information, is in short supply, and in which instant trust seems to have given in to constant deciphering. Uncovering hidden intentions has become a key skill.

Fully aware of this, GiacomettiPéron is changing its name to NO COM, from July 2016, in Paris and Madrid.

This change expresses our deep conviction that opinion strategy is the driving force of transformation. The information and digital revolution have exacerbated the impact of public opinion issues, both in terms of opportunity and risk. Today, in order to convince, we must adapt to a new communication area. Covert persuasion no longer works, simply adding up more noise and pressure through the use of media and outdated techniques is no longer enough.

NO COM creates stories which transform and encourage innovation, based on an expert assessment of public expectations. NO COM is for authentic and coherent messaging which relies on proven facts and memorable actions.

As consultants, we are dedicated to providing long-term support to companies, institutions and their leaders in the successful implementation of their strategy.

See you on in September!

Pierre Giacometti   &   Alain Péron